Heaven knows the current pandemic will pass, but where we eat and the way we prepare our meals has changed forever. Americans are discovering the joys of the kitchen, and they’re making cooking a permanent part of their lives. All of which makes a new kitchen a meaningful and valuable addition to your life.

At NDG, we’ll help you design your new kitchen with these considerations in mind.

We’re living in a world that demands a new kind of kitchen, so we ask new questions:

  1. Will your new kitchen layout be user-friendly enough for the increased volume of work, with sufficient countertop space for prep and cleanup?
  1. Will its work aisles be wide enough to accommodate your tasks and additional users at the same time?
  1. Will it have enough storage for the groceries required to prep and cook multiple meals between infrequent shopping trips?
  1. Will your surfaces—from countertops to floors, cabinet fronts to appliances, sink, faucet and drainboard areas—be easy to keep clean and germ-free?
  1. What effect will extended hours prepping, cooking, and cleaning up have on your feet, hips, back or knees?
  1. Will there be sufficient lighting for extended hours working in the kitchen?